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Online Learning and Learning from Home

Online learning and learning from home

How is the department preparing for online learning?

The department has set up an online hub learning from home where students, teachers and parents can access learning materials. Schools have been preparing packages of work for several days to ensure access to online learning, through a range of technology platforms.

What is online learning?

Online learning refers to the ways learning is delivered to students who are learning remotely. This means at home or in an alternate location.

Will my child fall behind if I keep them at home?

We are moving to a single unit of work for students. This means that whether you are at school or at home you will be doing the same work as your peers.

What does a single unit of work mean?

The NSW Government announced that there would be one single unit of work available for students to ensure consistency in curriculum delivery.

This means all students, both at school and at home, will be covering the same learning activities.

Students will be expected to complete a single unit of work each day. This will be specific to their level of learning.

What support is available to me to support my child's online learning?

Schools have a learning from home hub that will assist parents when students are learning at home.

The department has also provided advice to parents and carers to assist with children learning from home. This guidance will help parents understand their responsibilities as well as their child's, provide support for establishing routines, explain how to set up learning environments and support their child's wellbeing

What is the learning from home hub?

The department's learning from home hub has links to educational resources that will support students learning from home and at school for all stages of learning.

Early childhood education experts have developed resources for educators to share with parents and carers to help them engage in learning experiences with their children.

Experienced primary teachers have developed sample schedules of learning activities, units of work for specific learning areas and curated lists of links to external educational resources.

Secondary curriculum experts have developed curriculum resources for each KLA along with learning activities appropriate for learning from home and at school. Teachers can incorporate these resources into their existing teaching and learning plans. This includes resources and advice specific for teachers teaching HSC courses.

Digital teaching and remote learning experts have compiled advice for parents and carers who are supporting their children learning from home. This includes advice about planning the learning day and setting up a learning environment.

All department-created resources are publicly available and accessible through the learning from home hub.

My child doesn't have access to a computer. How can I ensure their educational needs will be met?

Schools are best placed to support students with their individual learning needs when working from home. Parents should contact their principal who will assist them in arranging access to learning during this time. All students will be given access to learning either online or with materials provided to them by the school.

My child doesn't have access to the internet at home. How can I ensure their educational needs will be met?

Where students have difficulty accessing the internet, printed resources will be available to be picked up from the office by families.