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English as an additional language / dialect

At Baulkham Hills North we have two experienced English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) specialist teachers.

Learning English is essential for success at school and EAL/D teachers teach students who are learning English as an additional language or dialect, meaning, their first language is not English.

Specialist EAL/D teachers may assist your child to learn English through intensive English lessons (small groups of students learning with the EAL/D teacher) or collaboratively (team teaching with the class teacher, to support students at all levels of learning English).

As children’s English language develops, their needs change. For newly arrived students, their needs might include talking in social ways to friends and teachers and understanding simple instructions. For students who have been learning English for many years, the demands of the curriculum become much more complex. It takes from 2 to 7 years for a student to become proficient in the English language, social and academic.

As EAL/D specialist teachers we could work with your child throughout their primary school years in different capacities. We also work with teachers, families, the Learning Support Team, also assisting with interpreting services, student welfare, cultural awareness education, scaffolding and differentiating work.

For more information or help please talk to us by booking an appointment at the office.