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Baulkham Hills North values the rich learning experiences that interactions with technology facilitiates. We also strive to help students develop their skills as future focused learners in a safe and secure environment.
Please see our "Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services Procedure" for more information.

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) - Information for Parents

At Baulkham Hills North we have determined the iPad to be the most effective learning tool to facilitate the development of 21st century learning skills within primary school classrooms.   

In 2024 all students in Years 4-6 have the opportunity to bring their own device as part of the BYODD Program. 

Is the program compulsory?

This program is NOT compulsory and any family can choose for their child not to participate. No student will be disadvantaged by not bringing their own device to school and we are committed to our obligations to deliver the same learning outcomes to all students.  

Please note that this is an optional program for students. Students who choose to be part of the BYODD program need to bring an iPad running iOS15 or above to support the educational apps that they will be using in class. It should meet the following specifications:  


  • Able to run iOS 15 or later  
  • Minimum 9.7” screen  
  • Minimum 32GB storage  (64GB recommended)
  • Durable case & screen protector  
  • Wifi only (Cellular capabilities will need to be turned off each day once your student arrives to school)


  • Keyboard
  • Apple pencil (not essential but can help with handwriting & drawing activities)

If you are purchasing an iPad we recommend the 9th Gen iPad with iOS16 and 64GB as a great value and powerful device. Students already owning an iPad (6th, 7th, 8th or 10th Generation), iPad air or iPad Pro they are welcome to bring this as their device.  

If your child is participating in this program please assist teachers by sending them to school with a fully charged iPad each day. It is important to take the time to ensure that their device has the latest operating system and that the latest versions of the recommended apps are installed. 

In addition, please ensure that your iPad cover is labelled with your child's name and that the home screen has an image of your child as well as their name and class. Each child will require a pair of headphones for them to use with their iPad in class.

How to Purchase

Baulkham Hills North have a BYODD portal set up with JB Hi-Fi. To access the portal go to and enter the code BHNPSBYOD.

Once through to the BHNPS portal you will need to select 'Year 4 to Year 6' BYODD Program as well as 'home delivery' or 'store pick up'. You will then be taken to the device of choice for students at Baulkham Hills North. You will also have the option to purchase warranty, insurance and accessories at discounted prices.

The current iPad is available to buy through the JB Hi Fi Portal. The new iPad device is discounted to $448* (RRP $499). You will only be able to purchase at this special price through the online portal.

*As at June 2024

You can visit or your local Apple Store to purchase. To find your local Apple Store, visit retail. 

Both JB Hi-Fi and Apple offer 12 month interest free payments to eligible customers.

Renting Option

iPads are available to be rented from the school for $55 per term. Students who rent a device from the school will have it available for home and school use. Please complete a rental application form if you intend to rent a device from the school. Rental application forms are available in Signmee as a Grabmee here. A rental agreement must be signed before a device is issued.



We are committed to our obligations as a public education institution to deliver the same learning outcomes to all our students, no matter the families financial means. All students will have access to computing resources in the school. Those families experiencing difficulties with purchasing an iPad are encouraged to communicate with the principal for assistance. 


Battery Charging

iPads must be fully charged for each school day. The iPad should only be charged with the Apple power charger provided. A fully charged iPad is essential for your child to engage in learning activities for the day. No charging equipment will be provided by the school.  


Technical Support

Students agree to ensure their iPad has the latest approved IOS operating system for the device and that their core learning apps are installed and always updated. A list of the core learning apps required to be installed on BYOD iPads is available on the school’s website. Participating students understand that Baulkham Hills North Public School will not provide technical support for iPads brought from home. Students are responsible for backing up their own data and should ensure this is done regularly. 



iPads brought to school from home MUST have installed a list of the school’s nominated ‘core learning apps’. Parents will be notified via Signmee of the list of apps which must be purchased at your own expense. It is possible to link more than one device (sometimes as many as 10) to the same iTunes account so sharing of the Apps on all these devices at home would be cost effective. As the device is not owned by the school, other apps are allowed to be installed on BYODD devices, although the school reserves the right to request having certain apps removed that are deemed inappropriate for a school environment or withdraw the right for the device to be brought to school.  The recommended educational iPad apps can be found here.


Apple ID

Students will need an Apple ID to access some learning materials, and we recommend you setup an Apple ID for your child using Family Sharing.  This allows you to keep control of your child’s account by ensuring all apps are approved. You may also wish to enable ‘Find My iPad’ using this Apple ID in case the iPad is lost. 
Here is information about setting up Family Sharing:

If you need help setting up Family Sharing, see the support section below.



Each device should be clearly marked on the cover with your child's name. 
The home screen also requires to be personalised with your child's name and a current photo of themselves. This ensures that in the absence of a name label the device can be identified. This can be done easily using the Pic Collage app. 



Students bring their own device for use at Baulkham Hills North School at their own risk. The school will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the device or data stored on the device while the device is at school or during a school-related activity. We encourage families to consider taking insurance coverage on the iPad to protect from any accidental damage, loss or theft.  

Warranty and Insurance is available to purchase through the JB Hi-Fi BYODD Portal. 

For more information about iPad insurance visit



Students will have the opportunity to store their iPad inside the library from 8.25am. iPads will be stored securely in the classroom during recess and lunch.


Screen Time

Screen time per day is in proportion to research guidelines, student age and is balanced across the week to ensure students are not spending large amounts of time on their iPad. Teachers ensure students take regular breaks when using iPads. Digital homework may be assigned and this will vary between grades.  



If your child attends OoSH a secure storage area will be provided for all iPads for the duration of the student’s time at OoSH.  Students will be unable to use their iPads during OoSH time as Primary OoSH Care has a 'no technology' policy.


Managing incidents or concerns

Class teachers may restrict use of an iPad temporarily if student does not follow the iPad policy.   If an incident is of a serious nature, parents will be contacted immediately and an interview will be arranged and iPad use will be immediately restricted.  


Parent Agreement

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) - Usage Agreement

Prior to connecting their devices to the department's Wi-Fi, parents must read, sign and return a completed Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) - Usage Agreement. Parents are required to explain and discuss the agreement with their child to their best understanding. This agreement can be found as a Grabmee form in Signmee here.


Student Agreement

Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) - Student Agreement 

All students using school or BYODD iPads are required to use their device in an acceptable manner within the context of the school and the home. Students must follow their teachers’ directions whilst using their iPads in the classroom. Should a student choose not to comply with these expectations of usage and or behaviour, the school’s discipline procedures will be invoked and access to the school’s network may be restricted.   

Students must return a completed Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) - Student Agreement  prior to signing a device onto the school’s WiFi. The Student Agreement is available to download here. Each student with his/her parent or caregiver must print, read, sign and return the completed form to the class teacher.  Students will also be provided a paper copy of the agreement to sign.

For the NSW Dept of Education’s policy on Online Communication Services: acceptable usage for school students -


Managing Device Usage at Home

At Baulkham Hills North Public School we are committed to partnering with families to ensure that student screen usage is appropriate both at school and in the home. In partnership, we will help students to learn about the continually changing nature of the digital world and equip them with the knowledge to make better decisions.

Click here for tips on managing screen time at home.